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When crafting a traditional dwelling using authentic methods and materials, fabricating a minimalist postmodern beach house or a series of rustic tropical bungalows we fine tune every detail.

We really understand that each holistic structure and each integral part must seamlessly reflect the designed level of perfection or intentional imperfection.

A lot needs to happen when just the right patina is required in minute detail or in the gestalt of the entire project. We listen, understand and get it done.

In using project management software or a stone chisel the critical path is the same, using cutting edge tools to get the job done, exactly as the project is designed and nothing less.

From stone to concrete, in bronze or hardwoods to forged and fabricated steel, we work with incredible artisans and design professionals as they craft one of a kind solutions in every architectural métier imaginable.

It’s the long standing and ever expanding relationships that make it all work as these are called upon for each subsequent project.

Permits issued-

Survey approved-

Time to get dirty....


Recycled timber frame trusses, East Hampton, NY.

Caley Construction is not a remote control or absentee contractor distant from the everyday build out.

Our approach is truly integrated and only possible by a dedicated presence.

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