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The successes of Caley Construction Co are built on a strong foundation.

Twenty nine years of hands on experience have few substitutes.

From Seattle and the San Juan islands, to the Hamptons of New York, south to California & New Mexico, each successful project has widened the capacity to meet our clients far reaching expectations.  


Room height wall of the recital room in Ise, Watarai, Japan.

A truly elegant design demands constant detailed feedback during the build out.
We manage what it takes to get it done in the time we have to do it. Ethical problem solving often demands unorthodox and lateral creativity.
  • ' Lunch time Diplomacy ' with local authorities-
  • In-sourcing the very best local talent and materials whenever possible-
  • Sensitively out-sourcing the very best global talent and materials when required-
  • Timely handling of logistical and importation issues-

Kitchen garden and entrance greenhouse for underground passive solar Eco-Home. Mid winter herbs, corn and tomatoes ready for harvest.

Warm, green and energy lean, nestled into the hill on the South Island of New Zealand.

Since 1980, in Australasia, Japan, Europe and across Nth America each project is managed with respect and a quiet unassuming competence.


Each refinement building itself upon the foundation of the last.

There has been a lot of miles, a lot of nails and a lot of dear friends over the last 28 years.

Find out what we offer by arranging a  confidential consultation.

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